Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I miss him

i miss my dad.
its been couple months since i've last seen him.
since i've last gave him a hug.
since i've laughed at his goofyness.
i miss how much he loved me
i miss how much he spoiled me
he would crack the shells of crabs for me
he would finish the plate i couldn't finish
i miss having a father
i miss having security
i love the fact that his love unconditional
i hated the way he cared for everything
even though hes not next to me, he still knows everything about me
he knows how im feeling, how i take it and how i react from it
if he was next to me, i'd cry in his arms and tell him how much i love him
talking to him makes me sad because i dont want to sound sad
i miss him so much it hurts but at the same time i know i should be strong
sometimes i breakdown knowing that hes not here
most-times i breakdown because his health is bad and hes not here
daddy thinks im strong,
daddys not so right
daddy i want to be strong
but daddy its really hard
i want to cry on someone's sholder
but i don't want to burden them
i want to cry on daddy's sholder
but thats to tell him that i love him
i wish he was here...

im not completely broken down
i still have my high up high
i count my blessings from time to time
my daddys still alive
hes still the daddy i've always known
he is the daddy i'll always love
he has inspired me to do everything i could
and that inspires me to do my best
if things go as we wish, we'll be together again.
so i shouldn't be down, right daddy?
i love you and i miss you daddy..
please come home soon...